Welcome to my Website!

The purpose of this website is to provide companies with relevant information about me and my qualification. If you are looking for a new employee and I fit to the required profile, please feel free to contact me.

In June 2002 I finished my studies of business administration at the European Business School (ebs), Oestrich-Winkel with the degree 'Diplomkaufmann' (adequate to the MBA). During my four years of study, I spent one year abroad at UNITEC, Auckland, New Zealand, where I joined the 'Masters of Computing'-program.

Internships have been an important part of my studies. I was able to get reasonable insights in the area of financial services and consulting.

My strength are high analytical skills, the ability to go well with different people and to integrate in teams. Those have been a great help during my internships and my colleagues appreciated it.

If there are any further questions, I will supply you with the required information. Just contact me via e-Mail.

Contact: mail@dennis-bayer.de